At Raddlebarn Primary School we follow the National curriculum (2014) for all core and non-core subjects. We follow the agreed Birmingham Syllabus for RE.

We follow a ‘themed’ approach for teaching a range of non-core subjects (art, design technology, science, history, geography, music) and where relevant encourage a cross curricular approach to the children’s learning. All topics are introduced with either a trip, visit or a ‘wow’ factor to really enthuse the children.


The use of ICT is encouraged in all subjects. A well-resourced ICT suite plus sets of ipads and netbooks ensures the children have a wide variety of opportunities to use ICT throughout their lessons.

French lessons are weekly in Key Stage 2.

All children have at least 2 sessions of PE a week and children from Y3 upwards have blocks of swimming lessons delivered throughout the year.

Personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education allows learning opportunities and experiences that help children grow and develop as individuals and as members of families and of social and economic communities. It supports children to make informed decisions about their lives. The curriculum contributes to pupils’ life chances, developing knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes.

Sex and relationship education is taught at appropriate stages of the school and also through other curricular subjects.

The curriculum raises pupil’s awareness and enables them to deal with issues and behaviours including safeguarding, bullying, equal opportunities, racism and discrimination.

Raddlebarn Primary School Topic overview 2017/18

  Term 1 Term 2 Term 3
N -Ourselves-Autumn(Pumpkin soup) -Traditional tales-Shopping(Jack & the beanstalk, Three little pigs)NativityPlanting beanstalks -Winter-Superheroes and fairytale castles-Senses(Supertato / Princess and the pea) -Vets and pets-Animal growth and familiesRhyming week(Non-fiction)  -Mini beasts-Spring-Planting and growing(Hungry caterpillar)Trip to the farm  -Summer-Transition to main school(Big school)Growing cress
 Rec All About Me We’re Going on a Bear Hunt – TFW Bonfire Night, Eid, Christmas – Nativity Traditional Tales – TFW – Little Red Hen Chinese New Year Chicks/People Who help UsLiving Eggs Easter Animals Mini Beasts –The Hungry Caterpillar – TFW Butterflies
 1 Toys Where do we live? Where do other children live? Space and Superheroes RainforestAssembly Pirates and Explorers Life by the water
 2 Where in the world? Now and Then – Our Capital City. People who made a difference A Street through Time. Our planet Assembly
 3  Pre historyA Time before writingTimezone CeltsThe Roman Empire and its impact on BritainTimezone Birmingham
Where do I live?Maps, globes and atlasesUK and world. Who used to live here?A Local History study 
 4   Extreme Earth and the Changing World  Invaders and settlersBritain’s settlement by the Anglo-Saxons (450AD) and ScotsVikings (793AD) AfricaIncluding a study on the history of Benin AD 900-1300 
 5  South America Masterpieces:An Exploration of Art and Design Ancient Egypt Victorians & The Industrial Revolution
 6  WWIIA child’s life during WWIIWW2 related trip Genre Detectives(Based around the story ‘Holes’ and other short stories from different genres) Ancient Greece – a lasting legacyTimezoneYear 6 Trip