Eco Council makes bird feeders!

This week the eco council collected pine cones and we made some bird feeders. This was a very messy job! We hung the bird feeders in our new eco space and the infant playground.

Book fair comes to Raddlebarn!

We’ve had a book fair here at school since Tuesday. Tomorrow is the last chance to buy books from it. Teachers have taken their classes to browse the book fair and hear a story read by their teacher. Also children have entered a Paddington colouring competition. One lucky winner will receive a ¬£5 voucher to […]

Come to Friends of Raddlebarn’s quiz night!

Come to our music quiz night (and chip shop supper) at school on Friday 24th November, at 7pm. Cost ¬£3 per person, plus food if you’re partaking. Have a look at the poster for contact details and for more information:¬†Friends’ quiz-night For more information about Friends of Raddlebarn  

Food Bank says thank you!

The Food Bank wants to thank everyone who donated to Raddlebarn’s recent Food Bank appeal. 117.1 kg of food was donated. This makes a huge difference – during September, 634 people in South West Birmingham were given food by the B30 Food Bank. Thank you so much for your support.

October orange sun!

Much excitement was generated by the strange looking orange sun yesterday. Lots of children were asking why it was so orange. This BBC website explains all.  

Early Years’ Achievosaurs (not dinosaurs!)

The ‘Early Years Foundation Stage Framework’ explains characteristics of effective learning, and we have seven ‘Achievosaurs’, each of which links to an aspect of these characteristics. These help children to be more aware of how they learn, and to become more skilled learners. Here are the ‘Achievosaurs’! Askaraptor: I ask questions and find things out! […]

Year 1 and Year 2 captivated by story telling!

Year 1 and Year 2 children were treated to the Riverside Performing Arts Company’s telling (and showing) of ‘The Owl who was afraid of the dark’, by Jill Tomlinson. They loved it!