A Welcome from the Chair of the Governing Body

Letter of resignation from Chair of Governors 26 February 2018

On behalf of Raddlebarn Governors, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you.  Raddlebarn provides a dynamic, inclusive and child-centred environment where children and staff alike thrive.

Governors work closely with the Head teacher and staff to foster a stimulating learning environment that supports children to reach their potential through:

  • an enjoyable broad and balanced curriculum,
  • opportunities to develop friendships and
  • contributions to their community.

We support the school as critical friends who challenge the school to set high targets and ensure the strategic direction facilitates achievement. As Governors, we are responsible for a number of areas, particularly:

  • Monitoring and evaluating school performance
  • Shaping the priorities and vision of the school and ensuring effectiveness
  • Managing and appraising the Head Teacher
  • Effectively managing the budget
  • Supporting the school

Raddlebarn supports pupils to develop skills to facilitate mutual respect by understanding their own feelings so that they can begin to develop empathy for others.  To this end, several Governors are champions within the Peacemakers Project.

We also are responsible for assessing and evaluating our own skills to ensure that the Governance can sufficiently fulfil these requirements.  In our recent Ofsted inspection (October 2014), Inspectors found that:

“The governing body’s checks on the work of the school are well organised and systematic. Governors engage in regular dialogue with faculty and phase leaders as well as external consultants and local authority advisers. They have a good understanding of the data about pupils’ achievement and question leaders rigorously about areas that cause them concern. Governors play an active role in setting the strategic direction of the school and contribute to the school’s self-evaluation through their visits to the school. They know about the quality of teaching and have supported the headteacher in making difficult decisions in eradicating weaker teaching. They use their individual expertise well to support the school with various projects, including overseeing the building of a new teaching block. The governors ensure school funds, including the primary school sports funding and pupil premium, are used effectively to help pupils achieve well.

We are extremely proud of Raddlebarn’s achievements and honoured to serve the school.  We hope to meet more of you and look forward to learning more about your views and experiences within the school community.


Lorraine Loveland-Armour

Chair of Governors

Lorraine Loveland-Armour

Lorraine Loveland-Armour

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Raddlebarn Governance–structure 2017-18 – Revised April 2018 (2)

Committee Information

The Full Governing Body (FGB) at Raddlebarn meets at least once a term. On the FGB there are different types of Governors: Community, Local Authority, Parent and Staff Governors.

In addition there are three committees on the Governing Body, each of which meets once a term. Each Governor is a member of at least one committee. The committees are:

  • Curriculum, Teaching and Learning committee
  • Finance, Premises and Staffing committee
  • Outcomes and Community committee.