Safe and happy before and after school care for children in reception to year 6 who attend Raddlebarn Primary School.

We provide:_N8A9331

  • Before school care from 7.30am to the beginning of school at 8.40am; After school care from 3.15pm when school finishes to 6pm; a collection service to and from the classrooms to ensure safe transfer between Funshine and School.
  • High quality care with well qualified and experienced staff.
  • A caring, stimulating environment with healthy food options for breakfast and an afternoon snack.
  • A mix of relaxation and active fun with a choice of child and staff selected activities, both inside and outdoors.
  • Care sensitive to the needs, race, culture, gender and religion of the children.

The club manager, Emma Young, will be pleased to talk to you about Funshine and to answer any questions you may have.  You can get in touch via. the school office.


The Funshine Staff

Club manager: Emma Young

Deputy club manager: Tracey Richards

Playworkers: ; Rukhsana Zamir-NVQ3; Gule Rahnaa; Viv Priest NVQ; Salima Ahmed and Lindsey Mosley

The staff at Funshine have a number of childcare and other qualifications to ensure that your child’s needs are catered for in a fun, appropriate and caring way.

We celebrate the children’s successes and achievements through praise, certificates and in the newsletter and enjoy sharing these with the children and their parents.

We have high expectations of ourselves in terms of the provision that we provide and also of the children in terms of their behaviour and approach when at the Club. We operate a Code of Conduct – considerate behaviour is expected and encouraged at all times.


The Importance of Play!_N8A9342

Through play, children learn how to learn and how to do things, as well as having a lot of fun! Play is learning, trying, being and feeling. Children learn about themselves, others and the world through play.

We pride ourselves on providing structured and imaginative play opportunities for the children at Funshine. We create an atmosphere that encourages play and provide materials which children can explore and adapt. We ensure that we keep the children safe in play and intervene when necessary.

There are different types of play:

  • Quiet ~ e.g. picture and story books, pasta and bead stringing, puzzles, colouring.
  • Creative ~ e.g. painting, drawing, music, modelling with clay, collage, use of imagination.
  • Active ~ e.g. balls, slides, sand play, riding scooters and bikes, skating and rollerblading, Indoor Wii sports and dance, table tennis and pool.
  • Co-operative ~ e.g. team games such as rounders, cricket, skipping, football.
  • Dramatic ~ e.g. dressing up, playing with dolls or action figures.
  • Manipulative ~ e.g. puzzles, crayons, painting, cutting with scissors, knitting, sewing, junk modelling, lego._N8A9363

The staff at Funshine plan to ensure that all types of play are available (although not always at the same time!) for the children at Funshine. The examples show some of the activities that our children take part in.




Please find below a list of policies for Funshine. If you require a policy that is not listed here, or if you would like a hard copy, please contact us.

Funshine Admissions Policy

Funshine Anti-Bullying Policy

Funshine Arrival & Departure Policy

Funshine Behaviour Policy

Funshine Child Protection Policy

Funshine Complaints Procedure

Funshine Confidentiality Policy

Funshine Equal Ops Policy

Funshine Fire Procedure

Funshine Food hygiene policy

Funshine Healthy Eating Policy

Funshine ICT Policy

Funshine Ill & Infectious children policy

Funshine Inclusion policy

Funshine Lost child policy

Funshine Medicine Policy

Funshine Parent Policy