At Raddlebarn online-safety and awareness is very important. Google and Parent Zone delivered an assembly to all KS2 classes and there will be another assembly for KS1 in February.   Parent Zone are a fantastic organisation that help parents with this area.  Parents can follow this link and sign up for free information:  There are parent guides on Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Fortnite, Snapchat, Whats App and lots more.


We take the safety of our pupils in all aspects of their life very seriously.  We are committed to educating our young people to be safe internet users and in supporting parents with this very important skill at home too. in school we have an internet safety code of conduct that all pupils and staff are expected to adhere too.  We have strong and constantly updated filters in place to protect and govern internet use.The best way to protect your children online is to be informed yourself and make it part of your day to day life.  We spend years training our children to cross the road and stay away from strangers in the outside world in all the daily little messages we give them before we ever let them out there on their own.  Training them to be safe online should be an equal part of these safety messages, after all they can be out in the ‘world wide web’ from a very young age, unsupervised at times.  Use the websites below to help you find the best ways to talk to your children about keeping safe online.***Please remember that Social Media Sites (e.g. Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Instagram etc) have a minimum age requirement of 13+ in their terms and conditions.  Also Whats App and other internet based messaging services can only be used by 16 year olds and over.***


How to Deal with Concerns

You can always come and talk to your child’s teacher or a senior member of staff should you have any concerns about your child’s online safety: whether in or out of school time.

If at any point you have any concerns about your child’s safety on line please report it to CEOP (a police led online crime and safety service) using this link:Reporting online issues or bullying CEOP always recommend the following;

  • If you need urgent help, i.e, your child is in immediate danger such as meeting a stranger they have met online, then call 999.
  • Don’t delete any emails, images or conversations related to this report
  • Don’t contact the suspect yourself. Let us do the detective work

Most sites will have their own report buttons too or facility to block people and pages that cause you concern.