School Council

(Written by our councillors)


As a School Councillor we are ready for the responsibilities that rest ahead:

1. such as arriving to the meetings on time

2. trying to participate when we have formed an idea in or head and finally

3. we are respectful to one another when sharing our ideas.

As School Councillors we fully respect these rules.

What is a School Councillor?

Some children have the privilege of being awarded the role of School Councillor. However they are unsure of the true meaning so hopefully will help understand what School Councillor truly means. Like for example:

  1. Introducing new perspectives from our school pupils and asking what our classes think we need, to improve our school.
  2. learn how to be a democratic organisation.

The qualities of a School Councillor

  • to value each and every opinion
  • being respectful
  • to be a skilled listener
  • being attentive – head forward, sitting straight and hands still.
  • Proactive
  • Being a good representative
  • Being truthful
  • Developing trust

School Council Ground Rules

The following rules were drawn up and agreed upon by the School Council:

  1. To be responsible
  2. To be willing to participate in meetings
  3. To respect each other
  4. To arrive to meetings on time
  5. To be committed

Listen to other people’s ideas because every idea counts. We discussed in one of our meetings that one of the most important skills of being a School Councillor is to be a good listener.

To be a good listener, you have to make eye contact, to keep your hands and feet still so the person talking knows you’re concentrating on them.



Hopefully this will help you understand what being a School Councillor involves.