Our Governors



Leah Ward (Vice Chair)

My name is Leah Ward and I am a parent governor. I have had children at the school since 2010. I am a secondary school music teacher and enjoy cooking and spending time outdoors with my family.


Natasha McNab

My little girl, Maya, started in reception last September, having previously been in nursery at Raddlebarn. Since her time at school I have volunteered one day a week at Raddlebarn, helping mainly in Year 6. I love Raddlebarn: it’s a happy, welcoming place with lovely children and excellent staff who I can attest, work tirelessly.

I have a higher degree in education and, until Maya’s birth, I worked as a researcher at the School of Education at the University of Birmingham. Doing this job, I was responsible for the management and smooth-running of a range of projects to do with the inclusion of children with special educational needs.

I believe that schools should be happy, inclusive places where learning is fun and meaningful, and where children feel secure and confident. I will do whatever I can to support the staff in helping our children develop as thoughtful, kind young people who enjoy learning.


Harry Brown

Retired after 52years service with NHS & Birmingham University. Previously a Governor at Bournville J&I and at Wychall Primary. Volunteer at Raddlebarn Primary for Coram Beanstalk Reading charity since Sept. 2018.(with Beanstalk since 2014). I feel that I have a lot to offer our children at Raddlebarn, not only through reading ( artwork & mentoring too) but have experience of working with Governing Boards and want to give what time I can to the benefit of the School,Parents and the whole campus.


Jade Cotton

I’m an avid reader and keen sportsman. I am lucky enough to work here in the Nursery and have my daughters attend this school. I wanted to be a governor to better understand how the school works, and be part of a team supporting its continued success.


Lisa Naughton

My name is Lisa Naughton; I am currently the Deputy Head Teacher of Raddlebarn Primary School. I have been in Education for over 20years now and during that time, I have been a governor at both this school and another, so I am well versed on how they run and the expectations of this role.

Being a governor is a vital component within a school, they are not only there to support staff but are there to challenge and help guide the school forward. Regarding my experience, I was a parent governor at my children’s school for 5 years during which time we were visited by OFSTED.


Sean Moles

I have worked in Schools and the Local Authority for over 20 years, currently I work for an Academy trust with nine schools and I look after all areas of the network, procurement of equipment and I advice the Trust on new curriculum developments. I am a Microsoft certified Professional and have passed the Google Educator course.

I believe my experience across many schools gives me a unique knowledge of the Curriculum and how technology can support in classroom and I would like to support Raddlebarn Primary School as a Governor.

Inderpal Dehele

Having a background in teaching at university I understand and appreciate the importance of a good education.  It is the responsibility of us as parents and the school to identify, nurture and encourage all children to achieve these talents and fulfil their potential by giving children the widest breadth of exposure to new experiences possible.  Having been a pharmacist for many years I have worked with multiple communities and championed community programmes and as a result will look to improve Raddlebarn’s links to local communities.  I currently sit on a number of committees through my employment and believe this experience will help me communicate and more importantly challenge key areas of policy and student development

Clare Huxley

I have been teaching for over 10 years and enjoy making a positive difference to children’s lives – something I have been able to do even more since becoming a staff governor at Raddlebarn. During my career I have taught a number of classes, supported colleagues, led teams, and been responsible for many key curriculum areas including art, maths and English.

When I am not working, I love to learn myself – I have a Masters Degree in Education, I have learnt some sign language and I regularly practise art.  I also enjoy reading mystery stories, travelling and going to the theatre.


Katie Fisher


I am a Year 6 teacher and the UKS2 Phase Leader. I have worked at Raddlebarn for four years and became a staff governor this year.

I became a staff governor as I wanted to understand more about the way the governing body can influence the outcomes of our school. I was interested to be a part of developing a plan to secure the future of our school and continue supporting in the development and improvement of Raddlebarn Primary School.

I chose to be on the Welfare committee as I feel passionately about the welfare (attendance and behaviour) of the children I teach and come into contact with around school. I feel it is an extremely important aspect of every child’s education and want to help implement the aims and policies we have as a school around behaviour and attendance.