School Day

Our school day starts when the doors open at 8.40am and finishes at 3.15 pm. Children should arrive by 8.50am at the latest. Registration is from 8.50 to 9.00 am.


Every day, there is assembly of different types, including:

  • Whole school
  • Key Stage 1 / 2
  • Class assembly
  • House assembly

Morning Playtime

Nursery: 10.05-10.20 am_N8A8102

Reception: 10.05 – 10.20 am at the beginning of the year – then we do not have a morning play.

Infants: 11-11.15am

Year 3 and 4: 11.05-11.20

Year 5 and 6: 10.25-10.40am



As Raddlebarn has received its ‘healthy school’ status, children may have a healthy drink (milk or water). All nursery children receive a piece of fruit and milk each day. Infants have a piece of fruit each day. Please send a healthy snack (fruit, vegetable or piece of cheese) into school for junior children each day. It is important children have a named water bottle in school, so they can stay hydrated (this is proven to improve concentration).


Nursery: 11.50 am -1.10pm

Reception: 12-1pm

Infants: 12.10-1.10 pm

Juniors: 12.20 – 1.20pm

Afternoon Play

Reception: 2.30 – 2.45 pm

Infants: 2.15 – 2.30 pm

Dropping Off and Picking Up

We encourage parents into the playground at dropping off and picking up times, because we want to build good relationships with the families of our children. Also, you can always leave a message with the staff member on duty at the door, or, if you want to speak to a teacher or other member of staff, you can ask to make an appointment at the school office.