How do I get help for my child?

Raddlebarn is an inclusive school and we encourage all children, regardless of their SEND, to participate fully in school life. This very often means making ‘reasonable adjustments’ in order to support this.
If you have any concerns about your child, in the first instance, the best person to talk to would be the class teacher as they plan and deliver lessons to your child on a daily basis. They will listen to your concerns and provide further information on how your child is when in class and the types of support that he/she needs.
If class teachers have concerns about a child in their class, then they will refer to the Inclusion team. One of the staff members will then observe and assess the child to determine if they will need a support profile in order to support them in the classroom. This referral will also form part of the graduated approach as it details what support is already in place. As a parent, you will be kept fully informed if this is happening and will be involved in the whole process from start to end.
The school has close links with a number of health services, who assist us in
supporting a number of children with specific medical needs. Over the
course past year, we have received support and advice from the following
 Occupational Therapy
 Speech and Language Therapy
 Sensory Inclusion Service
 Children and Adolescents Mental Health Service (Forward Think
 Paediatric Consultants
 Educational Psychology
 School Nurses
 Early Intervention
 Children’s services
The staff at Raddlebarn Primary work closely with Children’s Services to ensure
that all children in our care are well cared for and supported both in and out
of school. Our Pastoral Team in particular are in frequent contact with such
agencies to ensure that all children at Raddlebarn Primary are given the best
possible start in life and that they come to school ready to learn.