How do we define SEND – Identification & Assessment

As in previous years, in line with guidance from the local authority, we
continue to follow the ‘Assess, Plan, Do, Review’ model. Any child who is not
making progress is discussed and a decision made to implement a period of
targeted intervention in order for them to make progress. After a 4-6 week
period, we review how successful the intervention has been and the progress
the child has made.
Once this process has been completed we will assess again and it may be
decided that we need to plan for further provision or that no further support is
required at this time. At this point it may be felt that a child needs targeted
intervention in the form of a Support Profile and placed on the SEND register.
Some children’s needs are such that their support will be ongoing throughout
their time at school. If it is apparent that a child needs a consistently high
level of support and resources to enable them to access the curriculum, the
school may feel it is necessary to implement a request for an Education,
Health and Care Plan (EHCP)
Over the last year the school has worked hard to set up the lunchtime club,
‘Choices’, which supports children who find being on the playground difficult.
This is a specialist support provision which allows children to access social skills
activities in a safe, secure environment, giving them opportunities to practise
their newly learned skills with adults and peers before reintegrating back onto
the playground.

For more information, please see the SEND policy