Provision Mapping

At Raddlebarn, we believe that any interventions carried out, whether academic or social, are recorded accurately on the school’s provision map. This allows us to see the interventions that a child has already received as well as the impact and next steps.
The school offers a wide range of interventions, which many Teaching
Assistants and Teachers are trained in. Some of these are brought in
intervention packages (produced nationally), whilst others are bespoke
interventions, which have been developed in house to meet the needs of a
particular group of children.
If an appropriate intervention is not available staff will often develop their
At the start of each intervention programme, Teaching Assistants and
Teachers will work together to devise a set of targets for the child. In the first
session of an intervention, Teaching Assistants will complete a Pre-Assessment,
identifying the children’s strengths and weakness at this point. Throughout the
intervention (which usually will last for between 6- 8 weeks) the Teaching
Assistants will record progress and any observations using a tracker sheet. At
the end of the intervention, staff will evaluate the
progress made and the impact which the intervention has
had. This information is fed back to the children’s class teachers and also the
SENDCO, who can then identify which interventions are most successful in
enhancing the progress of our children here at Raddlebarn. This information
then feeds directly into the school’s Provision Map which shows a clear
picture of the interventions that the child has received. This is updated on a
regular basis and also evidences any meetings that have been held with
parents. Progress is also fed back to parents at parent’s evenings. The
quality of support offered via our intervention programmes is monitored by
the Inclusion Leader.