Role of SENDCo

The Inclusion and Pastoral Leader is Mrs Sally Clements. As is statutory, she has completed the National Award in Special Educational Needs Coordination and holds the National Qualification for Senior Leadership, focusing on provision for children with SEND. Her role is as follows:
• To oversee the day to day operation of the policy
• To co-ordinate, monitor and evaluate provision including interventions for children with SEND
• To work with children with SEND across school
• To monitor the progress of children with SEND alongside class teachers and phase managers
• To liaise with and advise teachers whenever necessary
• To update and oversee SEND records of children, in conjunction with class teacher
• To liaise with parents and carers
• To organise and deliver INSET in order to meet needs of staff
• To ensure that relevant background information is collected, recorded and updated accordingly
• To oversee the Support profiles and review process
• To monitor the work allocation for Teaching Assistants
• To advise class teachers, co-ordinators and support staff where necessary
• To liaise with external agencies
• To organise, contribute to and monitor the SEND in service training
• To attend appointments with health professionals and parents, ensuring that the voice of the child is heard