Sports Clubs

At Raddlebarn we offer a wide range of opportunities for our children to _N8A8937become involved in sports clubs and to take part in various extra-curricular activities that are above and beyond the requirements of the National Curriculum. Professional coaches from Aston Villa F.C., Warwickshire C.C.C & The Golf Foundation work with our children across KS1 and KS2. Furthermore, we have developed links with a number of approved sports clubs, to enable our children to continue their sporting interests beyond school.

_N8A8465We are proud of our sporting provision, through which children of all ages and abilities participate in a range of clubs and activities, both during and after school. We take part in numerous competitive activities through the School Games network, as we believe that competition is a required element of children’s participation in sport. However, this is tempered with a strong emphasis on sporting behaviour and the essential lesson of learning how to both win and lose graciously!

Our sports provision is constantly under review, as we seek to provide the best possible opportunities for all of our children.