Religious Education

At Raddlebarn Primary School, we work hard to develop the characters of our children and help them understand the diverse society in which they live in. We aim to develop our children into well rounded respectful members of the society through deepening their knowledge and understanding of the six major religions: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism and Hinduism. At Raddlebarn, we teach in accordance with the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus 2007 and cover a wide range of religious traditions, to provide our children with an understanding of all faiths and the importance of everyone being equal.  

We believe that Religious Education offers children the opportunity to identify, share and discuss the deepest values of human life; therefore our curriculum follows 24 moral and cultural dispositions to cultivate and inspire children’s understanding of different faiths. Alongside this, we offer children the opportunity to learn about different faiths in a multi-sensory, immersive and captivating environment, which in turn, will engage the pupils more. This is done through using real artefacts to teach children of religious traditions and various other sensory methods and setting up the classroom as a stage to set religious scenes