Year 1 Spellings Information

  • Each week your child will be given a list of words based on what they have been learning that week in phonics.
  • We would like your child to practise their spellings at home. (Please see the Raddlebarn multisensory spelling checklist to help you find the best way to help your child to learn these words).
  • Your child will then complete mini spelling tests based on these words.


Year 2 – Year 6 Spellings Information

  • Children from Year 2 upwards learn spellings, through the Read Write Inc. Spelling Scheme.
  • Each fortnight, your child will learn a new spelling pattern in school.
  • During the spelling lessons they will write down words which they have found challenging, so that they can practise at home.
  • Your child will complete mini spelling tests based on these words.
  • We would like parents/carers to support their child in practising these words regularly (little and often is best), then sign the spelling log at the end of the fortnight to show words have been learnt.

If you have questions or concerns about your child’s spelling, you can get in touch with their class teacher by making an appointment through the school office. ¬†Our multi-sensory spelling checklist will also give you ideas for some ways to practice spellings at home.