At Raddlebarn we teach phonics by following the Letters and Sounds phases. They go from phase 1 to  6. Phases 2 to 5 have specific ‘tricky words’ for children to learn to read and spell.

  • Phase 1 is taught in Nursery and covers discriminating between different sounds (eg: doorbell or dog barking).
  • Phase 2 is taught in Nursery and Reception and covers single letter sounds. The skills children will learn are segmenting, blending and hearing initial sounds of words.
  • Phase 3 teaches digraphs and trigraphs.
  • Phase 4 teaches consonant blends and clusters, eg: tent, spring.
  • Phase 5 teaches split digraphs and alternate spellings, eg: ‘ee’ can be spelled ‘ea’ like in ‘leaf’.
  • Phase 6 moves onto helping children become more fluent in their reading and more accurate spellers.

They best way to learn is always through games! We have learned various games that cover reading and writing skills for all phases. The ‘Jolly Phonics’ scheme teaches actions and songs to accompany each sound. These can be found online. For further information (eg: specific sounds and tricky words for each phase), please take a look at the following websites:

Letters and Sounds:

Jolly Phonics:

Below are additional songs / videos linking to phonics sounds:

Phase 2 sounds –

Phase 2 sounds and correct pronunciation:

Phase 2 words:

Phase 2 tricky words:

Blending song:

Phase 3: (please note ‘ue’ is phase 5).
Phase 2 sounds and correct pronunciation:

Phase 3 Tricky words:

Phase 4 tricky words:

Phase 4 pronunciation:

Phase 5 sounds and pronunciation:

Letter formation support: