Family Forum

Family Forum is a way for families to talk to school leaders about what is going well, and raise any issues or ideas they may have.

We aim to have at least two representatives per year group who commit to attending the regular meetings. These representatives are volunteers and anyone is welcome to nominate themselves as a rep, or, alternatively,  to attend a meeting in their own capacity as parent/carer on an adhoc basis.

Please consider becoming a Family Forum representative – it’s an important role and makes a real difference.


Re-scheduled Family Forum meeting

The new date for Family Forum (soon to be Community Council) is Thursday 18th January at 7.00 pm.


Family Forum Minutes 5.10.17

Please see the calendar for this year’s meetings.

Anyone can feed into the meetings with their ideas and issues, here are some of the ways;

  1. i) speak to a representative, or a teacher;
  2. ii) leave a note in the Family Forum postbox by the school office;
  3. iii) email the Family Forum:




If you are interested in acting as a representative, please get in touch with any of the above, or send an email: