KS1 Spellings Information

  • Each week your child will be given a list of words based on what they have been learning that week in phonics.
  • These words will be given in the grey spelling folders.
  • We would like your child to practise their spellings at home. (Please see the Raddlebarn multisensory spelling checklist to help you find the best way to help your child to learn these words).
  • Every Friday your child will be tested on these words.


KS2 Spellings Information

In light of the new national curriculum and the outcome from research undertaken in this area we decided to change our approach to spelling in September 2014.

  • At the beginning of each half term a spelling overview will be sent home with the children. This will tell you what we will be teaching that half term.
  • On the half term overview there will also be examples of the type of words we will be learning to spell.
  • There will also be common exception words. These are words which the children need to know how to spell by the end of the year.
  • There will no longer be weekly spelling tests. However we will test the children on a selection of the words from the examples list and all of the common exception words at the end of the half term.
  • Each week a spelling homework will be sent home in the grey folder to support your child in learning the spelling objectives for that half term.


If you have questions or concerns about your child’s spelling, you can get in touch with their class teacher by making an appointment through the school office.  Our multi-sensory spelling checklist will give you ideas for some ways to practice spellings at home.  Children can also find useful spelling games and activities online in our kids zone.