It’s the most wonderful time of the year! 

Christmas has arrived in RP. The children have been exploring pattern, shape and symmetry. They have been persevering when using scissors, even using them to cut through thick material. The children have been busy selecting food to give Rudolph all the energy that he needs to pull Santa’s sleigh. They have enjoyed learning all about Christmas traditions and sharing some of their own. We were so proud of the children when they made their own Christingles, they were so determined using the knife to cut the top off, it wasn’t an easy thing to do and they did not give up!

All that glitters is…. the Strictly Come Nursery Christmas Party 2020! 

We have had a wonderful day full of Christmas joy. The children all looked fab -u-lous in their party outfits. We made decorations from Rosemary to hang in our homes, party hats, played good old Pass the Parcel, created wreaths from paper plates had a grand time dancing and even got to hold the Strictly glitter ball! Phew! and our score from the judges… 10 10 10 (of course!)
The Nursery teachers thought it was a shame that Giovanni and Gorka couldn’t be here but maybe next year 😉
We would like to also take this opportunity to thank all the families for sending in a decoration to hang on our Christmas tree and most of all, to wish you and your families a Very Merry Christmas and here is to an even better 2021.
With love from
Miss Killelay, Mrs Cotton and Mrs Whelan.

Spreading the Christmas Spirit across the World! 

“Across the school, as part of our International Links Curriculum, children have been making some cards to send to schools in Germany, Spain, Poland and France. We have even received some back from them! Children in Year 5 learnt about children’s life at a school in Germany and how they spend Christmas. We look forward to continuing our International Links into the New Year.”

It’s nearly Christmas! 

3A have been having so much fun getting ready for Christmas. They have not allowed the strange times we are in get in the way of their excitement for this time of year.  They have decorated the classroom, learnt a Christmas song in French and even stitched a tree on to their Christmas cards. They have learnt to be super resilient this week as stitching and singing in French was tricky. However, they all got there in the end and they are and should be extremely proud of themselves just as I am.

Stan’s Café! An English/Drama Workshop 

We had a drama group called ‘Stan’s Café’ come in to work with us. We started off by watching an old Formula 1 clip with a focus on the commentators describing what the viewer couldn’t the see. We explored the language they used and how they built up tension with their descriptions.

Following this, we went into the hall and played a game similar to Jenga. In pairs, we approached the game to pull the bricks out. While one child did this, the other pupils imagined that they were commentators and described what was happening. We had examples like: “Betty cautiously approaches the wall and gingerly pulls out her brick”

After that, we had got into teams and gave ourselves suitable racing names like FalconsQuicksilver and Raddlebarn Racers. Two teams at a time then raced each other on a Scalextric track!

Everyone on the team had a different role and we rotated so everyone had a go at each part.

  • Racers
  • Journalists
  • Time keepers
  • Commentator
  • Track Marshalls.

We absolutely loved this activity and our teacher said it was magical watching each child grow in confidence and proudly commentate the race using the microphone.

The next day, we worked in pairs to write a 200-word newspaper report on the final race: Falcons versus Quicksilver!

Christmas Cheer in Nursery

Preparations are well and truly underway for the festive season. A big parcel arrived last week for us and inside was our very own Christmas tree. Thank you to all who are sending in decorations – after isolating them, they look lovely on the tree.
We have also been busy making Christmas cards and paper chains and measuring them so see who has the shortest and longest chain.

Green Flag for Y6

As part of our geography topic, we carried out some work towards the Eco Schools Green Flag application.  We analysed the Birmingham Travel Plan to identify any changes that have already been made as well as exploring the benefits and concerns of the introduction of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.  Finally, we created information posters to promote the use of The Blue Cycle Route to visit local places of interest.

Tres Bien 6BK!

This Christmas, Key Stage Two pupils have written Christmas cards to a primary school in France. We look forward to receiving some back!

A Victorian day in 2G

What 2G thought about their Victorian Day…

Anna – I did not like eating the gruel, but I liked playing with the toys. I would not like to be a Victorian child. (2G)

Lucy – The best part was the English; the worst part was eating the gruel. (2G)
Morgan – The worst part was eating the gruel; the best part was playing with the toys. I do not want to be a Victorian child. (2G)
Hannah Westwood – I liked everything, I felt overjoyed. (2G)