Year 5 News

5M – with Miss Montaigu

“5M have had a fantastic first couple of weeks back at school. The children are so happy to be together and are taking the new routines in their stride. We have started to learn about forces and will be doing practical activities to investigate their effects on objects. We are also learning how to take 4 and 6 figure grid references on Ordnance Survey maps, in preparation for our visit to Bewdley. ”

Miss Montaigu


5C – with Mrs Choudri

We have made a great start to this academic year!This term is jampacked with various genres of writing, such as suspense stories, persuasive writing, and poems. Our maths lessons will include place values, statistics, fractions, and calculations.Scientific enquiries into forces, field work on Selly Oak, making movable bridges, online safety . . . the list goes on! Awesome authors, Mathmagicians, Super scientists, graceful gymnasts -Best wishes to you all.

Mrs Choudri