Year 5 thoroughly enjoyed their trip Geography fieldwork to Muntz park yesterday! They looked at the human and physical features found in the park, carried out a traffic survey of Gristhorpe Road and sketched a map of the park.

Frank Chapman

Year 5 had such a great time last week at Frank Chapman. There were various activities such as: High ropes, blind line, Archery, Woodland Orienteering and so much more. We can’t stop talking about how amazing the residential was and how tired we are from it too! There will be a Padlet full of pictures for Year 5 parents, so keep an eye out!


Library visit in Y5

Last Thursday, Y5 had a wonderful time at Stirchley library. We enjoyed some lovely reading from the Librarian. We also were able to go a read some amazing books from our favourite authors like David Walliams, Jacqueline Wilson and Onjali q. Rauf.
Some of us might sign up to get our own Library card too!

Geography in 5MO

For Geography, the whole school looked at the text ‘At the same moment around the world’ by Clotilde Perrin. 5MO were given Sydney, Australia as their focus area. We investigated time zones and worked out what time it would be in Sydney when it is 8:00am, 12:00pm, 3:30pm, 7:00pm and 12:00am in Birmingham, UK (GMT). We looked at a map of Sydney, explored Sydney landmarks and discussed/watched comparison videos of a child’s day in the UK and Australia. Finally, the children completed a comparison comic strip for the same moment in time for Sydney and Birmingham!


Y5 – printing

Earlier this week, Year 5 completed their printing Art Focus Day. We looked at the artists: Rachel Duckhouse and Andy Warhol and appraised their work. We then learnt two new printing techniques: collagraph string printing and tin foil printing. We used the skills we learnt to design a print an insignia (Coat of Arms) which linked to our Monarchs history topic. Take a look at some of our work!

Y5 – Science Week

Year 5 enjoyed making their very own water clocks as part of science week. They cut a plastic bottle 2/3 of the way down. Then they removed the bottle top and pierced a few holes through it before screwing it back on. Next, they flipped the top piece of the bottle upside down and placed it into the bottom half. After that, they poured water into the top of the bottle and started timing. Each time a minute passed they drew a line on the side of the bottom half of the bottle at the water line. They were able to observe the water flow to indicate minutes passed!

Onjali Q. Rauf Research in Y5

Year 5 loved researching the author Onjali Q. Rauf for World Book Day. They found out loads of interesting facts about her life and work and were inspired to read more of her books. They also enjoyed acting out stories with Craig from Stan’s cafe.  As well as this, they enjoyed books charades, the live lesson and some independent reading time.


Art Focus Day – Y5

Earlier this half term Year 5 enjoyed a fabulous art focus day where we created space inspired paintings. We looked at numerous different artists work before practising a range of different brush strokes, mixing colours and using tone to create depth. Check out some of our awesome planet paintings!

Year 5 times tables problems!

Year 5 enjoyed working on this times table problem. They read the question carefully and discussed what they were being asked to do. They then used their knowledge of times tables to help them work out their answer. They were challenged to work systematically and explain their method to the rest of the class.

Planetarium – Y5

We have had such a fantastic start to the spring term learning all about space. For the last two weeks we have been learning and discussing various ideas about our solar system and working together to try to create our own solar system. Today, we had a planetarium visit, where Y5 were able to learn more about space and the solar system in more detail. The children were really excited about the following website: