3M One World Week

For One World Week, 3M learned about Albania! We did some research and made information posters about the climate, wildlife, physical geography and cultural traditions of this country. We didn’t know how beautiful the beaches are there!


The Iron Man

A huge WELL DONE to all Y3 pupils who performed in their class assembly this week! We feel very proud of them and are grateful to all families who were able to make it. Miss Montaigu and Mrs Ahmed.

3M Geography Day

This week, 3M also read the text ‘At the same moment around the world’ by Clotilde Perrin. We focused on a child who came from Manaus, Brazil and read a diary entry of a typical day in her life. We discussed time zones and looked at photos of Manaus and the nearby rainforest and Rio Negro. We then drew story maps based on her diary entry!

Year 3 Enterprise Project

As part of our Year 3 “Social Enterprise” project, we made a hamper full of sweet treat donations from our families. It was given to St Mary’s Hospice for residents, families and staff to enjoy. The children wrote notes on little tags to hopefully put a smile on everyone’s faces!

Y3 Science Week

For Science Week, Year 3 learned about the various theories which possibly explain the extinction of dinosaurs. We did some research then discussed which theories we felt were most likely to have been correct. The children then made their own posters explaining their theory of the extinction of dinosaurs. We also looked at how long ago dinosaurs were around. Did you know that dinosaurs roamed the globe for about 165 million years, compared to humans having only been around for about 300,000 years?

Year 3 – World Book Day

Year 3 had a blast during world book week! We carried out an author study about Anne Fine and presented our posters to the class. We also did a book blanket and enjoyed reading for pleasure. We’ve heard lots of stories from visitors and teachers too!

Professor McGinty

Year 3 had an incredible time last week with Professor McGinty learning all about Roman Britain! Then Year 4 learnt about the Vikings! We handled artefacts, learned some interesting facts and even tried on some clothes!

Art Topic – Year 3

Year 3 are loving the start of their art topic all about still life! We are writing the biographies of artists Georgia O’Keeffe and Vincent Van Gogh in English, and explored colour mixing and creating different tones in art lessons. We’re even reading a story about paintings in guided reading, in which we spotted some of Van Gogh’s famous work!

Growing in Y3

Year 3 are starting their new art topic all about still life, and their science unit about plants. This week, we planned a fair test to see what a plant needs to live and grow.  We deprived each plant of one thing, and we’ll observe each plant as the week goes on. We even kept a control plant to compare it to the others next week! It was also really interesting to see how the roots grow and what they look like!

Y3 Parent Workshop

Year 3 had a lovely time at the parent workshop last week! We looked at some formal calculation methods and had a go at using Century Tech for maths, English and science. It’s been a real hit! Thanks to all the adults who were able to attend!