Tag Rugby

Congratulations to our Y4 tag-rugby team, who took park in a festival at Kings Norton Rugby Club, Hopwood, on Thursday. Despite being their first experience of inter-school tag, the children did brilliantly, showed great teamwork and sporting attitude, were enthusiastic and scored some fantastic tries. Well done!

Y4 – Cultural Structures

On Monday, Year 4 took part in a cultural French lesson where we studied the structure of the Eiffel tower and then had a go at replicating this using art straws. The children showed their amazing engineering skills, team work and communication to create some fabulous, replica structures.

Y4 on Geography Day

4HW focused on Williams journey in Alaska for Geography day. We looked at the route he takes to school and the beautiful landmarks he comes across.

The children in 4H, spent their morning learning about Lexi’s life in Nuuk, Greenland. We learnt about why different places on earth experience time differently and what this means for what another child’s day like. We researching the human and physical features of this city and created our own cartoon strips about Lexi’s day.


Y4 – Science week

For Science Week Year 4 have created Pendulum timers to measure time. It was a great science week experiment!

The children had a fabulous session learning about how time was told before modern clocks. The children then had a go at making their own pendulums and testing out different weights to see the movement of the pendulum.

Professor McGinty

Year 3 had an incredible time last week with Professor McGinty learning all about Roman Britain! Then Year 4 learnt about the Vikings! We handled artefacts, learned some interesting facts and even tried on some clothes!

Y4 parent workshop

Y4 had a fantastic session with parents on Wednesday where we created a times table spinner game to play at home to help learn the times tables to 12x. We started by challenging the parents to a game on TTRS, we had a lot of fun! Each person made 3 spinners to now use at home to help them with the times tables they are finding tricky to remember.
If you were unable to attend, the pack to create spinners will be sent home with your child. Thank you very much to those who were able to attend.