1M One World Week

One of the areas 1M looked at during ‘One World Week’ was the Capivara National Park in Brazil.
There are cave paintings dating back at least 25,000 years ago and the children were inspired to write a fact file about what they had learned and drew their own cave painting pictures.

1M Bake Off

1M made Paris themed shortbread biscuits for this week’s Olympic themed ‘Bake Off’ project. We enjoyed the process of making the shortbread, and the imprint that the cookie cutters made. We designed plates to sell them on and posters too!

Coleslaw in Y1

Year 1 have been making coleslaw today! We carefully used our skills of peeling, slicing, grating and chopping with the fresh vegetables we had chosen for our healthy salad. We swapped ¾ of the amount of mayo with plain yoghurt and a dollop of Dijon mustard to reduce the fat content and give the salad a zing!

‘This Is Our World’

Phase 1 celebrated One World Day this week and listened to a story from ‘This Is Our World’ by Asa Gilland and Tracey Turner. We looked at two contrasting places and the lives of the children who live in Norway and the Sahara Desert. We all joined in with a song ‘We’ve Got the Whole World in Our Hands’ and discussed how we must look after it and each other.

Seasons in Y1

In Y1 children have been working hard at home to create some beautiful pictures about our science topic – we are learning about the seasons and the changes within each one. This week we looked at deciduous and evergreen trees – next week we are planting seeds to grow in our Raddlebarn veg planters.

Science Week in Y1

Science week in Year 1 was celebrated by focusing on 5 areas within our curriculum: seasonal changes, how we measure time, different representations of time, life cycles of animals and a focus on Joan  Beauchamp Procter. We enjoyed our early Spring walk and our quiz about different types of scientist.

1DB – Library Visit

1DB were the first class to visit our local library in Stirchley – we love doing these yearly visits – the children listened to some stories read by our local librarian and then had a chance to browse the books.

Julia Donaldson – WBD

Year 1 had a fantastic day exploring the work and life of Julia Donaldson on World Book Day 2024. They did a quiz, listened to guest storytellers, wrote a blurb about Julia,  a book review and then voted for their most favourite of her storybooks: tie-break ‘Wake Up Lydia Lou and A Squash and a Squeeze!

Animals in Y1

In year 1 we have been observing animals in Science. This week our focus was on types of animals and sorting them into groups: amphibians. reptiles, mammals, birds, fish and insects.

Safer Internet Day – Y1

For Safer Internet Day, Year 1 have discussed how to stay safe online. We talked about the increasing number of ads and ‘Pop-Ups’ that appear in games and how they can divert us to something not appropriate.
They knew they could tell their parents when this happened and how they need permission to play games. We also looked at devices through the ages and how one device can now have all functions: communication, gaming, videos, tv, music and camera.