We have an amazing team from ABM in our school kitchen – Trina, Sam & Kirsty. They are part of ABM’s primary school team, called Grow.




Grow are a supportive and nurturing community using nutritious ingredients to fuel young minds encouraging children to flourish.

Child development happens at a remarkable rate, our aim is to develop knowledge through variety and interest, giving pupils the get up and go they deserve.

We are not just your caterer, we want to be part of your vision. Grow gives children the confidence they need to build on and expand their knowledge of health and diet. We aim to encourage children to explore a variety of different foods, forming a healthy view on eating habits from day one.

We believe in fuelling young minds, creating the foundations for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Primary schools have important contributions to make towards future health and well-being, alongside parents and carers. Grow is here to help create a supportive environment to do this, whilst providing wholesome top-quality food.

If your child has any special dietary requirements, please fill in this page and hand in to the school office:

ABM – Special Dietary Request Form