Wraparound Care


Our wraparound care provision is known as Funshine and is run by a highly experienced private company called Active Superstars, managed by Jimmy Haarhoff.

Funshine offers a safe and happy environment for children to play, learn and most importantly enjoy at Raddlebarn Primary School.

At Funshine, we pride ourselves on setting children a good example of living a healthy lifestyle by providing a selection of healthy breakfast choices each day.

In addition, we also provide children with a healthy afternoon snack during the After School Club.

A drop off and collection service is also available to and from your child’s classroom, to ensure a safe handover between Funshine and School.

Breakfast Club is open at 7:30 am. On arrival please report to the School dining hall where a member of Funshine staff will sign you in.

At the end of the Breakfast Club, children are escorted to their class teacher or to a designated drop off point.

At the end of the school day, EYFS children are collected from their class teachers. KS2 children report outside on the playground with their class teacher and the Funshine Staff will escort them to the club.

Children are able to go outside as soon as possible each day (normally once everyone is registered and the playground has cleared). Children are able to flow between the indoor and outdoor area. Children can freely play outside, taking advantage of the school facilities including adventure play areas where they are available. There is also equipment such as skipping ropes and sports equipment, as well as bikes and scooters.

Parents can pick up at any time up until 6 pm depending on your booking. All children must be signed out by an adult over 16 who is named on that child’s registration form.

To register and enroll your child onto Funshine Club visit www.activesuperstars.co.uk/Extended-School-Clubs or for further information and pricing, please see the attached 2022-Breakfast-After-School-Club.

Jimmy Haarhoff