Forest School

Nature to Nurture

To expand and enhance the breadth of our curriculum we incorporate a designated set of outdoor learning, Forest School and healthy lifestyle activities that are part of our termly routine. These activities serve as a cornerstone to increasing children’s life skills and experiences throughout their primary school education and work alongside the curriculum of each year group.

The primary aims of this aspect of the curriculum are:
• To build self-esteem and confidence in children.
• To build resilient, determined and independent learners.
• To develop children’s personal, social and emotional development.
• To develop children’s and encourage creativity.
• To encourage collaboration.
• To develop and build the ideas of risk management and risk benefit.
• To improve children’s life skills and experiences.
• To enable children to gain a respect for the natural environment and wildlife.
• To transfer negative behaviours into positive ones.
• To let children be children.

These aims are covered with a variety of outdoor learning teachings and strategies that not only seek to aid the children in their learning but also are provided in a positive, enjoyable, creative and inspiring manner that allow children to transfer the skills and knowledge from the lessons into the classroom and life outside of school.